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Five Best Antivirus Softwares

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Now a days Computer and internet is the basic need of everyone. Internet is widely used all across the world, through which users can exchange files, data, and informations with one another while consuming a very little time. Since almost have access to internet, while some of other users that uses computer and internet in negative ways like creating Viruses and Malwares that can access other's system and can cause serious harm to other's pc. A Virus or a malware can directly or indirectly attacks your system files that can make your system to stop working or either you can loose your personal data. In this computer tip, i'll tell you about world's best and renowned Anti Virus Software that will help users to keep themselves safe and secure from different viruses. You can compare all the Antivirus Software, then you can choose the right one for you.

Best Antivirus Software
Best Antivirus Software

What should someone look and observe while choosing an Anti Virus software? The answer to this question is the Main thing to look after is Features means the antivirus has what features and what types of viruses it can detect and delete. And the other main thing to look is Performance, that either by installing this antivirus can effect your System's performance or not. Take a look at the Best Antiviruses So far below.
Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:
Bit-defender is the most economical and mostly featured antivirus program that can help you to keep yourself safe from all kind of viruses, malwares, worms and trojan etc. The price of Bitdefender is 29.95$.
Official website:

 Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014:
Kaspersky Anti-virus is the most famous and widely used safety tool that can help users to stay safe while using internet. It has all the features to secure you from any kind of Trojans, spywares, viruses and other infected files. This product costs you about 59.95$ a bit Expensive but quite helpful.
Official Website:

Norton Antivirus:
Norton AntiVirus software is also third best antivirus software that help you to stay secure while using computer. It can detect any files that will try to make some suspicious activity in your system. It also detects all types of malwares and spywares automatically. This handy software will cost you about 39.99$.
Official Website:

F-Secure AntiVirus:
F-Secure is also an important antivirus tool that comes handy if you always copy new files and data. Because viruses and other trojans can come with the data and can enter in your system files and can Damage them. F-Secure AntiVirus can keep you secure. This tool does not support gaming mode. This tool will costs you 39.99$.
Official Website:

AVG AntiVirus:
AVG Antivirus is another very good antivirus software that has almost all the features including in it. Mostly users has used this AntiVirus program. This software has all the features but performance is lower then the above ones but still a very good anti Virus software. The cost of this software is 34.99$.
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