Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hide Your Hard Disk Partition

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Computer tips By Numan Shah

Privacy is the most important thing that everyone wants when using computer or laptop. Everyone wants to keep his personal files and folders hidden or he wants that no one can approach to his files or folders. We can do so many methods to hide our folders,files and other data. Even we can protect our partitions or folders using passwords. But in this new Computer tip, i have a new trick for you, in which you don't need to hide any single folder or a file. Neither you have to lock your folders or partitions nor you have to hide your files. In this post, i will tell you about how to hide your Hard Disk Partition or Drive. After following the simple steps you will be able to hide your Hard Disk Partition. All you need to do is to keep your personal data that you don't want to share, in one Partition, and hide it. You can unhide your Partition at any time.
  • Go to Start and Go to Command Prompt(CMD) and Run it.
  • Write "Diskpart" in Command Prompt and press Enter key. After a second, Diskpart will appear.
  • Write "List Volume" and see all your Partitions will appear.
  • Now select the Volume that you want to Hide.
  • Write "Remove Letter x" (x is the Drive letter you want to hide).
  • Now go back and check in My Computer, You will see the Partition is no more showing.
Hide Your Hard Disk Partition
Hide your Hard Disk Partition
  • If you want to unhide your Partition, Just repeat all the steps and replace Remove Letter x with Assign Letter x and Press Enter Key. Now go back and see the Partition will be showing up there in My Computer.
Try this Amazing computer trick, a very handy and useful to keep drive and data save.
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