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How to Earn Money Online?

how to earn money online
How to Earn Money Online?

Earn Money Online

How to Earn Money Online? Thats a million dollars question raised in every person mind who want to earn money  without any investment. Now a days finding jobs or establishing business in real life become very difficult but in the virtual world of internet there are many different ways to earn online money. This is a specific tutorial course about earn money online. In this cource we will discuss the answer of How to Earn Money Online? And in the upcoming posts i  will present to you detailed tutorials of earn money online but now let me introduce to you the best platforms to earn money on internet without any investments.
earn money online

1: Google Adsense

On top of this list I suggest Google Adsense because Google Adsense is a best and easy  to learn platform about earning money online. You can earn money from Google Adsense by two different ways

We will discuss about Google Adsense in details in upcoming posts where i will bring complete Google Adsense Tutorials.

2: Paid to Click Websites:

There are thousands of Paid to Click (PTC) websites on internet that allows you to earn money online with viewing ads and by completing mini jobs, surveys and Tasks. You can search for PTC sites on google but beware there are many fake PTC sites are fooling people on internet thats why i recommend best 2 PTC websites that are very famous and loyal to their members.
(i)                  Neobux
(ii)                Clixsense

In the upcoming posts i will present detailed tutorial about earning money from these best paying PTC sites. After reading those post you will be able to earn a very reasonable ammount by working online.

3: By Selling Internet Traffic:

This is also a very good way to earn some extra bucks but to earn with these method you need some platforms like a good blog with reasonable traffic, facebook page, twitter account with alot of followers or a youtube channel with alot of views daily. In this method you sell your internet traffic to other webs and charged from them. I recommend two websites
(i)         is basically a link shortner service that provides you service to shorten your link. Once you shortened a link via you will get a short link. When you share that link on your platform like facebook page people visit that page and they will shown an ad first than your link destination url. And they pays you for every visit.
(ii)                ImgDino
ImgDino is a picture hosting service where you can upload your immages and they will give you the link of your immage, whenever some one open that link they will shown an ad and than your picture. This is a smart place to earn online money.

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