Sunday, February 9, 2014

Open Youtube in Pakistan

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As we all know, Youtube is currently blocked in Pakistan. Therefore most of the People in Pakistan are unable to open Youtube. So they are unable to enjoy the latest videos and other happenings all around the world. No doubt Youtube is the biggest video sharing website. But people from Pakistan or other countries where youtube is blocked can't take full advantage of Youtube. I have a solution for all of those who can surf Youtube with full speed and safe browsing. Just follow the simple steps give below.
Open Youtube in Pakistan
Open Youtube In Pakistan
  • First of All, you have to download this small tool to secure your internet connection, that changes your Ip Address.

  • Click here to Download "Ultra Surf" tool.
  • Now follow the steps given in the Video below.
And then You can open Youtube with Full Speed.
Good Luck :)

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